Also as a part of a busy weekend we successfully installed Nethunter on a Nexus 7 tablet. This is something we have been playing to do for a while so nice to finally get this done. We looked at a few tutorials but the method we used was a combination of a few and we think it’s the easier than most of the ones we found online. We’ll post full tutorial here soon.


As some of you know we have working on for about 10 months now and at times the going has been very slow. There is now however something to see so if you have a spare minute pop over to the site, sign-up for a user account and tell us what you think?

We spent the weekend working on the site code and made big improvements, although we ended up starting alot of the pages from scratch! The new UI is much more intuitive and simplified the features that users found confusing. Our biggest aim is to keep the privacy settings simple and not use the site as a data farm to exploit our members. Check here for more updates next weekend.