Don’t ignore download warnings

In the next of our short videos we show why download warnings should not be ignored. We are using a Windows 7 machine just for ease, this will also work in Windows 10 (I haven’t gotten around to updating all my test victim machines yet!)

When you are browsing the internet and trying to find what you are looking for; one thing you can guarantee is that there will be thousands of malicious sites pretending to be the website you need.

Here our user is looking for some free software to play a video file, after a google search goes to a site they think will have what they want. The site prompts that they need to update their browser, how responsible of them to make sure I am up to date. The update is downloaded, and the browser warns there is an issue with this. However the user is impatient and just wants the software, ignores the warning and installs it. That’s why they have anti-virus right? If it is malicious that what it’s there for.

They continue with the download and run the file. and in the left hand side machine you will see (as you have seen in previous videos) just how quickly this happens, and just how quickly the cyber criminal can take screenshots, pop messages on the screen, and control the machine which we show by launching Windows programs such as calculator and notepad.